Most people think that Biodiesel is a "new" form of alternative fuel. Contrary to that belief, Biodiesel has been around as long as the diesel engine itself. Rudolph Diesel actually unveiled the first diesel engine at the Paris World Fair in 1904, and it ran on peanut oil!!  It wasn't until later that petroleum was introduced to the diesel engine. So, in essence we have gone back to where all of this started! 

Biodiesel is a true renewable fuel derived from either plants or waste oils and greases. The Biodiesel itself can be made from Soy, Palm, Cottonseed, Canola, Rapeseed, Safflower, Sunflower, recycled restaurant oils, and from beef, chicken or pig tallows. This is just a short list, certainly not to be all inclusive. This industry and it's partners are exploring new feedstock options all the time!

One of the greatest benefits of Biodiesel is that there are no infrastructure changes, no engine or fueling system modifications necessary to make the switch. It is also the least expensive alternative fuel by comparison. Biodiesel is the safest, most cost effective means for cleaning up the largest source of pollution seen by the human eye: Diesel exhaust.

We all know by now how nasty and grimy Diesel smoke can be. While it actually may not be the worst source of pollution, it certainly is the most obvious. No one enjoys being stuck in traffic behind a diesel bus, or delivery truck.  Just by changing the fuel that they put into that bus or delivery truck, we can avoid the nausiating fumes and smoke that we smell and see. It is that easy. In not having infrastructure changes needed, it can be splash blended right on top of standard petroleum fuel. In this case, every trucker can be driving cleaner and greener, regardles of where they are in the United States. Due to the fact that the fuels can be readily mixed, the driver can go between diesel and biodiesel and not worry about having availibility issues in different locations. You certainly can't do that with propane or Natural gas vehicles!

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