What exactly does all these mean to you the customer?


We specialize in carbon credits. With all of the buzz on the street about going "carbon neutral", we have been active in this sector since 2001. We first realized that in order to increase availability of biodiesel to the consumer, we had to find a way to make it more cost effective and cost competitive. That is where, on our quest, we found carbon credits. 

First a little background: 

The concept of carbon credits came into existence as a result of increasing awareness of the need for pollution control. It was formalized in the Kyoto Protocol, an international agreement between 169 countries. Carbon credits are certificates awarded to countries that are successful in reducing emissions of greenhouse gases. While the United States is not currently a member of the Kyoto Protocol, we can in fact create and sell carbon credits based on emission reductions. 

Our specialty lies in the program that we have developed and utilized for biodiesel manufacturers and their customers. We have established a system for using this market to our customers advantage and helping to ease the burden on the small biodiesel industry.  By helping to lower the price of the fuel, we can increase the demand of biodiesel. This is good for all of us. 

At the end of the day, all of us would like to see our dependence on foreign oil decrease and be more self-reliant. This is a avenue to help acheive that goal. Besides, who doesn't like to buy things that truly are "Made in the USA"? 

In using Biodiesel and other renewable forms of fuel and energy, 
we are really...

"Saving the Planet...One gallon at a time"

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