Eco-Conscious is a privately held company with offices in Southern California and Southern Colorado. 

Kendra Tillery McCreary and Kurt Tillery are the founders. We started Eco-Conscious in 2000 marketing and handling the logistics for customers interested in making the switch from petroleum diesel to Biodiesel. In the course of our business, we realized that our time and efforts were better directed at helping the market grow, and aiding manufacturers and distributors alike in tackling the financial disadvantage between diesel and biodiesel. We have since focused on creative ways to help those same manufacturers lower both operational costs, and the price at the pump for the consumer. 

Over the course of the last 7 years, our consulting work has primarily been in the Biodiesel industry, however we have experience in many different arenas such as Ethanol, wind energy, methane and a multitude of projects involving new technologies for creating renewable sources of energy.

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